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Speaking Topics

Kim is a dynamic, engaging and provocative speaker on the following topics:

• Getting To Yes: Transforming Conflicts into Opportunities

• The Feminine Front Line: Nurturing Feminine and Spiritual Wisdom in Everyday Life

• The Third Act for Women – How Can We Find Meaning, Fulfillment and Joy after 50?

• Pursuing Our Dreams: How Can We Tap Our Vision and Bring it into Being?

• Tapping Our Spiritual Intelligence

• Peace Building in the Workplace

• The United Nations: How it Affects Each of Us Daily

• Improving Gender Balance in the Media: What Can We Do?

Courses and Workshop Topics

Kim offers interactive, engaging and comprehensive training in a variety of formats: half-day, one day, multiple-day series, and week-long intensives. She teaches and trains on her own, and collaborates with several other trainers:

1)The Third Act for Women: “Finding Meaning, Fulfillment and Joy over 50”

Co-facilitator:  Joanne Grady Huskey, Vice President of I LIVE 2 LEAD; cross cultural trainer, educator, author of The Unofficial Diplomat.

For those of us over 50, we are entering a period of life that is virtually uncharted, a time in which women are free from social expectations and reduced family obligations, perhaps considering “retirement” from a career, with the freedom, resources and desire to engage in new activities with meaning and purpose. This gives us the opportunity to turn our dreams into realities, to consider options previously considered impractical and prioritize how we want to spend our time. But few of us have a roadmap for how we want to proceed. This interactive workshop provides an engaging, meaningful and fun inquiry that will enable participants to intentionally create the next phase of their lives with meaning and fulfillment. Many tools, resources and guidance will be offered.

2)Essential Daily Tools for Peaceful Living

Co-facilitator: Masankho Banda, international peace builder, educator, author 

While "peace" is on everyone's mind, how we can live in peace personally, locally and globally is what we're all trying to figure out. This course and interactive workshop focuses on peace building in many vital parts of our society: How can we develop the tools to resolve conflict in our own lives, how can we build peace in our workplaces, our schools and our country?  Masankho Banda and I have done peace building work in Africa, Europe, Russia, the United States and with the United Nations.

3) Transforming Conflict: Innovative Tools for Communicating and Resolving Conflicts in Everyday Life

Co-Facilitator: Georgia Kelly, Founder and President, Praxis Peace Institute (

Conflicts are a part of our daily life, and provide an opportunity to improve relationships and increase understanding. This interactive training (one day/three part series/five day) is an in-depth exploration of how to understand and transform conflict in our daily lives. The training is designed for anyone who wants to develop conflict management skills, and improve their communication and listening skills. Georgia Kelly and I have developed state-of-the-art materials that we offer to groups and organizations in many parts of the country. We have led 5 day retreats at Esalen Institute and for various organizations.

  1. 4) Nurturing Feminine and Spiritual Wisdom in Everyday Life

This course and training includes an exploration of such questions as: How do we nurture and live our feminine and spiritual values in everyday life? What are models of feminine leadership that are collaborative and effective? What are feminine principles and why are they so important in leadership? How can we live these in everyday life? What lessons can we learn for our society?

I have gathered tools and resources from my own spiritual journey, and have written and spoken on nurturing our spiritual values at work, feminine wisdom at work, essential daily tools for peaceful living, and more. My chapter, called The Feminine Front Line, was published in the book Healing the Heart of the World. (

Previous Clients

United Nations, Agency for International Development, World Bank, Peace Corps, Peace X Peace, Geonexus, Creative Associates, Delphi Research Associates, Polaris Research and Development, World Affairs Council, The Consulting Group, University of Toronto, Ontario Manpower Commission, Human Awareness Programme, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, National Public Radio, Voice of America, Center for Citizen Initiatives, Baytrade, San Francisco Bay Area Trade Office, Center for Spiritual Democracy, Pathways To Peace, John F. Kennedy University.