Beyond Borders: One Woman’s Journey of Courage, Passion and Inspiration is rich with remarkable stories of courage and triumph. The book will take you on an intriguing journey – from exploring exotic areas in Africa to working for reconciliation in apartheid South Africa to being a citizen diplomat during the Cold War to touching stories of motherhood and adopting an older child. As the author unpeels the layers that constitute her life of love and lessons, she reveals the wisdom that composes a life well lived.


Weaving insightful stories filled with love, joy, grief, adventure, challenge, spirituality, and a search to find her own voice, the author spotlights rich cross cultural experiences, personal stories of love and family, her work as a passionate advocate of advancing women, and being a change agent during remarkable times in history. At a time when media attention focuses on increasing violence and crime, we are hungry for successes and solutions. Beyond Borders provides hope when hope is eagerly needed. It provides personal examples of moving from becoming overwhelmed to stepping forward and speaking up. Whether you are beginning a career or a wise elder, Beyond Borders will inspire and enrich.


You can purchase at (Paperback $19.99; Ebook $3.99)

Authors Include Kim Weichel

Healing the Heart of the World  Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and Your Planet

I am a co-author of the book “Healing the Heart of the World” about the most powerful new trends shaping individual wellness and planetary health as well as breakthroughs in consciousness that will shape our future happiness. This extraordinary book includes the wisdom of 38 spiritual teachers, educators, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, and psychologists. Contributors include Prince Charles, Thich Nhat Hanh, scientist Fritjof Capra, Dr. Dean Ornish, Carolyn Myss, John Gray, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Joan Borysenko  and many others.  They explore the issues and inspiration that lie at the center of the dilemmas facing humankind. Drawing on a rich variety of backgrounds, they offer the hard won nuggets of wisdom they have discovered that point the way to a hopeful and sustainable future.

My chapter, called The Feminine Front Line, draws on my broad international experience working with women on the forefront of change in many societies who are leading grassroots efforts, organizing communities, and modeling the kind of feminine power that is needed today. I highlight the value of investing in women, women on the front lines of building peace in their communities, the importance of a partnership model of society, and overcoming limiting myths. I focus on the feminine wisdom that women bring to leadership, why women make good peacebuilders and the important feminine leadership skills that are so needed in our society today.

Healing the Heart of the World is published by Elite Books in Santa Rosa, California.  

The book: Healing the Heart of the World, is available here. Or, United States viewers can make a check payable to Kim Weichel for $20.00 plus $3.00 for shipping (for a total of $23.00) – email me at for address - or click the PayPal button below. International viewers, please contact Kim Weichel by email, for international shipping rates and payment details.

Other Books and Resources

I’ve used media to educate, inspire and tell stories. My first book, Inside Crossroads, highlighted the story of a large squatter community on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa, fighting for its very existence during the challenging and unjust apartheid years and how it survived to this day. I co-edited my second book, The Future of the Pacific Rim, which is a collection of perspectives from leaders throughout the Pacific Rim in the mid 1990’s on the future of this dynamic region economically, politically and socially.

1) "Inside Crossroads", published by McGraw Hill, 1979. Available from McGraw-Hill.

2) The Future of the Pacific Rim", published by Praeger Publishers, 1994. Available from Praeger.

3) Essential Tools for Peaceful Living: A Guide for Educators, Leaders, Practitioners and Parents (60 pages of practical tools), is available here.

4) PeaceBuilding Curriculm for Teachers:  (12 pages of practical tools for teachers), is available here.


“International Women’s Day: Time To Honor the Feminine”, by Karen Buckley and Kimberly Weichel

  1. “Tapping Your Spiritual Intelligence”, by Kimberly Weichel and Dr. Judi Neal

  1. "Transforming Diversity: Seeing the Similarities Rather than the Differences", by Lewis Griggs and Kimberly Weichel

    "U.N. Remains Relevant and Vital", by Gary Davis, Larry Levine and Kimberly Weichel

    "Living Our Principles in Everyday Life", by Tina Rasmussen and Kimberly Weichel

    "International Women's Day: Ending Discrimination Against Women", by Kimberly Weichel and Cecilia Zamora

Radio Producer

Kim has produced radio programs and documentaries for National Public Radio, Voice of America, United Nations Radio, and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She developed a series of radio programs for National Public Radio called "New American Frontiers: The Search for Excellence", and was the host of a series of programs on the Pacific Islands called "Pacific News Review".

Listen to Kim speaking on this 5 minute radio interview about her work:

TV Producer/Correspondent

I was the UN and Global Affairs Correspondent for Positive Spin TV for 7 years, a project of Unity Foundation. I Positive Spin is a news and public affairs television program that promotes positive, innovative and solution oriented news from around the world. Positive Spin airs nationally on FreeSpeech TV on DISH Network (with 35 million homes as subscribers) and DIRECT TV (with 20 million homes as subscribers.)  In addition, FreeSpeech TV is carried on 200 cable stations throughout the United States. The show's producer and host is Bill McCarthy, president of Unity Foundation. he and host is Bill Unity Foundation.


Women With Vision

I co-produced a cable TV show called Women With Vision, a program that highlights and honors women who have accessed their vision and brought it into being. I produced the 16 half hour programs with Asia Powers in Marin County. Each of the 16 women shares their personal vision, what kept them motivated, how they overcame challenges and how they carried out their vision.

Media Activism

In 2000 Kim co-founded Our Media Voice: Campaign for Accountability, an organization focusing on the need for media accountability and media reform. The campaign envisages a media that inspires, enlightens and empowers, and becomes a vehicle for positive social change. We were, and still are, concerned about corporate ownership and sponsorship and how that influences programming content as well as the news. The campaign's goal was to work towards creating a socially responsible media that is accountable to the public.  Since the airwaves are public airwaves, the public has the right, and the responsibility, to give effective feedback concerning the communications. We believe that it is time for the media to live up to its potential, to be a positive social force, and address the growing needs and concerns of citizens. I believe that we cannot have a healthy democracy unless we have a healthy media.

I remain concerned about the stereotyping of women in the media.  I am supportive of the Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media that engages, educates, and influences improving gender balance, reducing stereotyping and creating diverse female characters in entertainment targeting children 11 and under.